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Shalai well being

Shalai’s SPA is an intimate, elegant, romantic space. Equipped with all the services you could expect of a SPA, what makes the difference is the dedication of the highly trained staff to making you feel at ease and at peace with the world. All you need to do to get there is cross the hotel’s little indoor garden, and you can pamper yourself with a sweet and relaxing experience. Shalai’s SPA is designed to have an intimate environment, and has a romantic charm that is perfect for couples. Delicate fragrances, the bubbly sounds of the saltwater hot tub, the Turkish bath and sauna are ready to welcome you. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of activities, or to relax and prepare before a long-planned dinner. Currently it can only be accessed with a reservation!

09:30 / 13:00 — 15:00 / 19:30

Wellness program

Shalai's spa is an intimate, cosy setting for a couple or a small group of friends. Tailored and focused, Shalai's spa has all the amenities that make the difference. The program includes a sauna, Turkish bath and a saltwater hot tub. It lasts one hour, during which guests are offered a relaxing herbal tea. You will immediately feel a sense of well-being, especially after your time in the sauna and the Turkish bath, which work to eliminate toxins. The salt water in the hot tub is good for your skin because it hydrates the body, as opposed to chlorine. Finally, the relaxing herbal tea will give that ultimate, relaxing touch. The spa staff will offer you the menu with herbal teas, from which you can pick according to your tastes and desired effects.

Body treatments

All treatments are carried out with Comfort Zone products. We suggest the Sleeping Ritual with the product line called Tranquillity. It is a treatment recommended to alleviate the effects of jet lag; it is a relaxing treatment that helps rebalance your sleep. The massages are done using brushes soaked in essential oils. The body is brushed to release a sense of tranquillity and pleasure. The salt massage is done with Himalayan pink salt cakes and has an exfoliating effect. Next is a pink salt pack, also from the Himalayas, which will be cleansed with the use of hot towels. The last step is a full-body massage with moisturizing cream. This is one of the most comprehensive and relaxing treatments offered, and it lasts 90 minutes.

Facial treatments

You can choose an anti-ageing treatment, which includes cleansing, a massage and masks; the facial treatment with the Remedy product line is recommended for sensitive skin. Here, too, we will proceed with cleansing, massage and face masks. Facial cleansing is carried out with the Essential line, and follows the 3 important phases of cleansing, massaging and applying face masks. Also in high demand you can find the Montalcino thermal water mud pack, which is a detoxing and anti-cellulitis treatment, it helps improve skin blemishes, stimulates lipolysis and accelerates the elimination of toxins.
Another option is the Express Wrap, which drains and improves lymphatic microcirculation and is ideal for legs that are weighed down by cellulitis.
Also on the menu is Double Peeling Express, a regenerative treatment for a firm, smooth and soft skin, attained through a combination of mechanical and chemical peeling. Among the facial treatments, always from the Comfort Zone line of products, we have Active Pureness, which is a purifying and regenerative treatment based on alpha hydroxy acids, highly recommended for acne-prone skin.


Massages are a decidedly essential moment for a vacation. Allow the hands of time to really stop for a moment to savour a moment of absolute well-being. We have a Hot Stone massage, which involves the use of hot stones on the skin. It is relaxing, detoxifying and draining. The Shalai massage, performed on the heated water bed with the support of colour therapy, is a complete experience. This relaxing and gentle massage will bring complete relaxation. The Hemolymphatic massage is meant to improve circulation and eliminate toxins. The Back and Neck massage is a deep tissue massage to relieve tension in the back and neck. Finally, the leg massage is perfect for tired legs, to make them feel light again.

Beauty salon

Shalai developed the beauty salon to offer more options that could anticipate your desires during your stay here, especially for some you-time. Let's start with the Classic Manicure and the Shellac Manicure. A Classic manicure is carried out by removing cuticles, filing the nails and applying nail polish with a colour of your choice. With a Shellac manicure, in addition to the classic treatment, you can choose semi-permanent nail polish, which would give you perfect nails. The same care can also be given to your feet; you can choose between an Aesthetic Pedicure, which consists of removing cuticles, filing the toenails and applying nail polish; we also offer the Spa Pedicure, that includes an exfoliating treatment, an aesthetic pedicure and a final massage. Finally, Shalai also offers gel nail polish removal and waxing.

Exclusive SPA

Your long-cherished dream can finally come true. A moment to set aside for yourself and your well-being, a time free of disturbances of any kind. A moment to pamper yourself. Wellness treatments and spa services should be a part of any vacation or leisure time. Shalai's spa can be exclusively yours for one hour. All you need to do is arrange it in advance with the front desk. In this time slot there will be no other guests, and the entire spa area will be at your complete disposal, including the spa’s staff to whom you can request in advance the treatments you would like to benefit from. Shalai is always attentive to its guests’ well-being, that is why it provides the option of experiencing the SPA with only those you want with you. Because it’s not about what you can explain, but about what you can experience!

[Comfort Zone]

Shalai chooses the [Comfort Zone] line of products for its SPA because we firmly believe in the excellence of the products it offers, and in its affinity with our own vision of wellbeing. [Comfort Zone] products are inspired by an idea of beauty that is ethical and sustainable. These are excellent products made to take care of the body’s well-being and harmony. [Comfort Zone] products are preferred by Shalai's SPA staff because they are refined and they provide that extra touch that makes for a pleasant stay, but they also make us the best wellness service for our guests. Comfortably lying in a chaise longue and enjoying a herbal tea, guests can choose their preferred treatments and massages, knowing they are designed to work in harmony with each other and to maximize their wellness experience.

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Discover the energy of Etna, experience the hospitality of a Historic Palace, today a design boutique hotel with a Michelin-star restaurant and private SPA. Get ready to live an experience of pure hospitality and elegance with Shalai. We have prepared exclusive benefits with special offers and packages, which vary in every season of the year. Sicily, in fact, is also unique in terms of temperatures. In the middle of autumn we still breathe summer, in summer we enjoy the mild climate of the high altitudes, in spring nature is a triumph of vitality and in winter there is all the magic of the snow-capped peak of Etna. Get inspired...


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