Cleanliness in the dishes, careful selection of raw materials, connection with the territory

Kitchen vision, Shalai Etna Michelin star restaurant

In his dishes, Giovanni Santoro puts smile and humanity!

Santoro never forgets the iconic authenticity that is natural to the local cuisine, the type that brings back childhood memories. In the end, this level of cuisine can only be made by men and women who find a lifelong passion in this work. Each dish has to represent the context in which it was created, otherwise it risks becoming stylish but frivolous. Giovanni Santoro knows this, and his dishes reflect a heartfelt and personal passion.

Cuisine with heart and research

These dishes are a fusion of generosity and harmony, charm and elegance, always changing with the seasons. These are the foundations of Shalai’s vision.

The menu of the Shalai restaurant

Each dish speaks first to the heart and then to the palate, in a combination of flavors and stories that are hard to forget. This is Shalai restaurant.



Boutique Hotel
with Michelin star

Pennisi S.r.l.
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Photo Credits:
Stefano Butturini
Paola Licciardello


Via Guglielmo
Marconi, 25 95015
Linguaglossa - CT

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