Le Contrade dell'Etna, the brainchild of Andrea Franchetti, eclectic wine pioneer in Sicily

An important review promoting Etna wines and local producers

In 2008, the late Andrea Franchetti, beloved figure and wine pioneer, founded a review dedicated to the wine produced by wineries on Mount Etna, called Contrade dell’Etna. With it, he created an event that gave local producers the opportunity to join together convivially. Over the years, this became an anticipated event, which brought more attention and appreciation to the local wineries, which had an opportunity to tell their stories and make themselves known. There are some truly special farms that were started on the slopes of Mount Etna, wineries with a strong personality and eclectic products. Contrade dell’Etna is also a way to spread knowledge about wine production, and about the importance of factors like the peculiarities connected to organoleptic characteristics, diversified microclimates of production and even the different stratification of the soil. Each wine is unique, and Contrade dell’Etna is one of the greatest events in the field of wine organized in Sicily, it attracts a variety of different producers, distributors and wine lovers. It usually happens in spring.


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