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"The great thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side." Margaret Carty

The working group alongside the Pennisi family

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Excellence above all! This is the motto that unites all the professionals that make up the Shalai team today. From the waiting and kitchen staff in the restaurant, to the professionals working in the boutique hotel and the wellness centre, everyone focuses on providing a well-rounded hospitality. The staff is hired by the Pennisi family not only for their high professionalism, but also for their love for their work, to give guests a sense of belonging and well-being here at Shalai every day. Our team is cohesive, young, engaged and helpful, able to fulfil any request, arrange your tours in the area and provide any helpful or necessary service. These professionals can be by your side for the length of your stay, anticipate your needs and answer any question.

Cristian Lo Faro

Cristian Lo Faro has been part of the team since December 2009, only six months after Shalai opened. He’s in charge of the reception, which is at the heart of our facilities’ smooth running. In this boutique hotel on the slopes of Mount Etna, every service refers back to the agile coordination of Cristian Lo Faro at the reception desk. He makes sure everything is running smoothly, from the kitchen to the hall, from the SPA to the room service. He also manages reservations, check ins and check outs, and is a true reference point for guests. He is absolutely accurate and attentive to details, ready to meet the guests’ needs already before they arrive to the hotel, organizing guided tours and excursions and arranging transfers whenever needed. As head of reception, Cristian plans every day to make sure everything works like clockwork.

Katia Pollicina

Katia Pollicina has been head of the waiting staff for breakfast since 2015, to make sure your day starts well. Empathetic and discreet, you can find her in the dining hall also when the restaurant is serving other meals. Breakfast is an important moment in Shalai. Good coffee or a good cappuccino are a start, while the kitchen prepares an excellent selection of sweet and savoury delicacies, ranging from traditional Sicilian to international breakfast. Katia will be there for you during breakfast, making sure that you are enjoying your stay and that you leave the table with a sense of satisfaction and contentment, ready for the day ahead.

Concetta e Maria Stagnitta


Receiving guests and coordinating arrivals and departures with a fitting working plan is no simple task. The sisters Concetta and Maria Stagnitta coordinate room service, and have the important task of making Shalai’s guests feel at home, taking care of the common spaces and making the rooms comfortable. They coordinate cleaning services in the morning, and give a second touch to the rooms in the evening, so the rooms can always be tidy and welcoming. Each room has the pleasant fragrance of Sicilian Oranges, the scent of Shalai. They ensure the temperature of the room is just right and that the linens, sheets and pillows are fresh, clean and well-placed. Every room has four pillows, two on the bed and two more in the cupboard.
Andrea Pantano
Giovanni Santoro
Dario De Salvo

Shalai's team

A discreet presence, attentive to guests' needs, the Shalai team is an expression of the Pennisi family's desire to make the boutique hotel at the foot of Etna a "home".

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Discover the energy of Etna, experience the hospitality of a Historic Palace, today a design boutique hotel with a Michelin-star restaurant and private SPA. Get ready to live an experience of pure hospitality and elegance with Shalai. We have prepared exclusive benefits with special offers and packages, which vary in every season of the year. Sicily, in fact, is also unique in terms of temperatures. In the middle of autumn we still breathe summer, in summer we enjoy the mild climate of the high altitudes, in spring nature is a triumph of vitality and in winter there is all the magic of the snow-capped peak of Etna. Get inspired...


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