Shalai is the 'home' of the Pennisi family, excellent hospitality in Sicily

From the "Dai Pennisi" butcher shop to the Shalai boutique hotel
fifty years of passion, work and successes

The Pennisi family

The Pennisi are a large and tight-knit family that has worked together for more than fifty years to write beautiful pages on the subject of gastronomy, excellence, selection and quality of ingredients, and the art of hospitality.
The head of the family is Saro Pennisi, a flamboyant butcher from Linguaglossa who, with the support of his family, wife, sisters, children and grandchildren, has managed through the decades to create beautiful things and to convey a strong sense of belonging to the new generations, as well as a passion for locally grown products and a knack for hospitality. Saro Pennisi is still is an important point of reference for the family; he oversees the family’s butcher shop, to which the family annexed a restaurant not far from Shalai, which is called Dai Pennisi – Macelleria con cucina (The Pennisi’s: Butcher Shop with Kitchen). Today, the second generations have taken up the management of the family businesses: Luciano Pennisi, Leonardo Pennisi, Maria Concetta Pennisi and Rosario Pennisi, all siblings and cousins. Having been raised together, they are very close and are always looking for new projects, upholding the family traditions and heritage.

Luciano Pennisi

Shalai is the 'home' of the Pennisi family; Luciano Pennisi directs the hotel, while his cousin Leonardo Pennisi manages the restaurant’s dining rooms. Luciano Pennisi interprets Shalai’s vision and strategy in all its nuances, and is always available to answer any question, as every element of Shalai is a part of its history and of the history of the Pennisi family.
Discreet, attentive, always present in the facilities, the Pennisi family is constantly working to ensure that everything is in the right place and that guests feel at the centre of this fantastic world on the slopes of Mount Etna.

Leonardo Pennisi

Leonardo’s knowledge and expertise will also delight you with carefully chosen selections of the best Sicilian wines of Mount Etna. Pennisi knows how to appear and disappear at the right moments, as a good host does. He will be at your service through the meal, suggesting interesting combinations, and if you are interested, advising you on the places to visit in the area and on how to get the most out of your experiences.
Saro e Lina
Maria Concetta Pennisi
Luciano Pennisi
Leonardo Pennisi
Rosario Pennisi
Lucia Papa

The Pennisi family has made Shalai a special place near the volcano Etna

Live the experience of rest, taste, well-being and discover an area full of energy, pampered by a professional and attentive team.



Boutique Hotel
with Michelin star

Pennisi S.r.l.
P. IVA: 05269930870
CIR 19087021A400322

Photo Credits:
Stefano Butturini
Paola Licciardello


Via Guglielmo
Marconi, 25 95015
Linguaglossa - CT

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