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The energy of the volcano, the majesty of the peak, the charm of the snow, the strength of the lava

Shalai is a charming boutique hotel in Linguaglossa
perfect for exploring Etna and its surroundings

Etna, let yourself be inspired...

Mount Etna is not only the largest active volcano in Europe. It is also the archetypal symbol of Sicily’s untamed, ancient nature and history. It is no accident that Etna is a woman’s name; for the inhabitants of its slopes, it is simply 'A Muntagna (The Mountain). The volcano’s beauty is multifaceted, with snow-capped craters, lava caves, lunar landscapes, biodiverse forests and thriving citrus groves and vineyards. An incredibly diverse landscape, in which nature blends with and challenges human presence. It is no surprise that this extraordinary volcano, a World Heritage Site since 2013, attracts and charms thousands of visitors, hikers, scholars, and passers-by. When Etna awakens and begins to mutter, the columns of smoke, the explosions of fire, and the fountains of lava are always a captivating spectacle like no other. Contact our staff to arrange a unique excursion.


People visiting Linguaglossa for the first time are always amazed by the beautiful landscape, which encompasses the mountain and the sea at once. The small Etnean town of Linguaglossa is located on the north-eastern slope of the volcano, 550 meters above sea level. Its great position has made it an important destination for visitors in this area of Sicily. It is 19 km away from the Piano Provenzana ski resort, and only 15 km from Taormina, making it an ideal place for a vacation in any season.
The town’s streets are embellished by the historic heritage of the town’s many churches and palaces. Strolling through them it’s almost like being in an open-air museum of contemporary art: the streets are decorated by about 50 murals created by 24 artists from the 1990s to date, each image telling a local story and tradition. A visit to Linguaglossa would be incomplete without a food and wine tour to give you a taste of the local specialities, starting with the al ceppo sausage, handcrafted by expert local butchers on a large oakwood board, with selected pork morsels seasoned with wild fennel seeds harvested on Mount Etna. With its distinctive taste, this dish has recently been included in the Slow Food presidia for biodiversity. Another typical product of Linguaglossa is the prized Etna DOC wine. We can suggest guided tours to the many beautiful wineries of Etna, we guarantee it would be a delightful experience!

The Alcantara Gorges

Visitors should not leave North-Eastern Sicily without having visited the Alcantara River Park, on the northern slope of Mount Etna, between the towns of Castiglione di Sicilia and Motta Camastra, It’s only about thirty minutes from Linguaglossa. Over thousands of years, the Alcantara River has carved a natural canyon in the lava rocks of this majestic place, creating steep and narrow gorges. The walls of the canyon are up to 25 meters high, and they are carved in so many shapes and curves that they are truly an extraordinary natural wonder.
The Alcantara River Park offers a range of different activities to match every preference: the sporty and adventurous can try body rafting, or a quad bike ride along the river, while those who prefer a more relaxing and meditative experience could sign up for biking and walking excursions.
Because of their unique beauty, the Alcantara Gorges have been the set of a number of movie productions, for example Matteo Garrone’s 2015 award-winning movie "Il Racconto dei Racconti".

The ski slopes

If you are passionate about winter sports, Mount Etna offers the incredible and unique opportunity to ski on an active volcano. Every now and again, Etna reminds her human inhabitants that she is alive and powerful. On the northern slope, about 19 km from Linguaglossa, you will find one of Etna’s two ski resorts, Piano Provenzana, with an altitude ranging between 1800 and 2300 meters. The skiing area is equipped with a 4-seat chairlifts and 3 ski-lifts that can take skiers up to four red slopes and two blue slopes.
The view from here is almost moving. On one side, the snowy mountain, on the other the shimmering blue Ionian Sea, and in between the green pine groves, the mountain lodges and the chalets; sometimes, the glowing red lava fire of the volcano. This colourful and varied landscape comes alive with extraordinary beauty, as the light changes its angle through the day.

Wine tours – "La Strada del Vino"

The fertile soil of Mount Etna, nourished by the volcano and the sea, is a perfect place for vineyards – and of course, for good wine. Etna DOC is produced here. Its white, red and rosé varieties are crafted from four different types of vines: Carricante, Catarratto, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio.
To showcase the richness and variety of the wine-making traditions in the area, we prepared a special Wine Tour of Mount Etna, La Strada del Vino, designed to guide you through vineyards, farms, wine cellars, wineries and museums on wine-making. For this tour, we picked 20 wineries that stand out for their ability to bring together age-old knowledge and methods with modern technologies.
This Wine Tour will also guide you through the rolling hills and fields of the area’s beautiful country-side, between old towns and farmhouses, aristocratic estates, orchards and fields citrus groves.

The golf club

A vacation on Mount Etna does not only offer opportunities for winter sports. Inside Etna’s Park, there is a golf club with 18 golf holes, the first one this large on the island, between the municipalities of Linguaglossa, Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo, only 10 km away from the Alcantara Gorges. The Picciolo Golf Club was designed in 1989 by the architect Luigi Rota Caremoli. He made the holes fit in the lava stones that solidified with the 1916 eruption, and maximized the potential of the 44 hectares of hillside on which the golf club is located.
At Picciolo you can play any season of the year, it’s only at 650 meters of altitude, on the north-eastern slope of the volcano, about 30 km from the sea. Here, the ground never freezes and the temperature stays mild during the summer. It offers golfers a captivating view of Mount Etna, from close to its lovely vineyards, oak and hazelnut groves.


Taormina is a true jewel, and one of the most enchanting places in the world. Its architecture, art and culture are set in a breath-taking landscape. Here the Ancient Greek soul of the town, the Tauromenion, is surrounded and embraced by the medieval architecture of the rest of the town. The Mediterranean vegetation and the shimmering blue Ionian Sea offer a palette of breath-taking colours, as the town acts as a natural terrace from which to contemplate the beauty of the scenery. No one travelling to Sicily should miss the opportunity to see Taormina.
Taormina is a cosmopolitan town, not only for the thousands of tourists that visit it every year, but also because it sets the stage for many international festivals and cultural events. Its ancient Greek theatre is the second largest in Sicily after Syracuse, and it will host the Taormina Arts festival from June to August, with an impressive line-up of ballet and dance shows, concerts and theatre plays. The Taormina Film Fest will also take place in June, one of Italy’s most renowned film festivals, with international guests. And then the concert season will open in town to host talented artists from around Italy and the world!
Last but not least, it’s important to note that Taormina also has beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water, restaurants, shopping venues, and a vibrant night life.


Catania brims with history and culture. This extraordinary city encompasses Sicily’s complexity and diversity, and is a true window into its multifaceted soul. Under the Archi della Marina, that start in the central station and continue all the way to Porta Uzeda, the door to the old town, you can find the old town’s fish market, surrounded by little restaurants, dining places and bars of all sorts. Nearby, the city’s Duomo stands in an elegant piazza that leads into the ancient Via Etnea. All around, historic palaces, or palazzi, cafes and shops lead curious travellers towards sites such as the grand Theatre Massimo, or the medieval Ursino Castle, or the popular neighbourhood of San Berillo.
Catania and its port have always been an important economic hub for the island, but also a place where different cultures have met and mixed over the centuries. A melting pot that never stops changing, at the feet of the great Mount Etna, which the locals affectionately call ‘A Muntagna (the mountain).

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